Saturday, July 13, 2013

It is what they call a ~ Luau Baby Shower!

What is a more beautiful theme to celebrate a coming baby girl, but through some SEXY hula party... Luau is just so festive, colorful and really girlie!!!
                         So when I hosted a baby shower for my sister, who is having a princess :D, a Luau Party was a homerun.

You can't have a luau party without leis. 
I got these on line for P35 a piece. 
I bought 20 and the seller gave me 5 wrist leis for free.


I went on art attack mode and made these Hawaiian paper flowers,
we copied from the internet to decorate the house.

Cutee Hawaiian Girl standee...

Give-aways were personalized sandal key chains and phone accessories from Boracay.

A big hit among the guests, is this tarp of Hawaiian lovers dancing :P 
(That's my preggy sister - at the sexiest she can get and her husband). The guests were giggling the whole time while taking pictures.  
The sweets bar - not very Tiki-Tiki though!

For activities, we had:
(1) Hula dancing (this was so much fun, everyone was up on their feet swaying their hips and all - funny watching a pregnant woman dancing hula!)

(2) DIY luau diapers (funny but weird!)

(3) Beer "bottle" drinking contest  (It was a lot harder than you think)!

(4) Smell my nappies (We poured various cooking condiments into baby diapers. We blindfolded the players and asked them to name the condiments used) - really yucky...

We feasted on seafood pasta, pork bbq, fruit salad, fresh lumpia, nachos and dips - and crabs :P 

I made Hawaiian punch from pineapple juice, raspberry mix and 7up and placed wines at the side, for those who wants to amp up their drinks.

For dessert we served a customized cake (I stole the idea from the internet and asked a friend to do it for me) ~ preggy lady in coconut bra and grass skirt (do you see the baby footprint sticking out her tummy?) 
So cute!  But it felt a little weird slicing the first piece.... 

My tired sister with her loot!!! 

Thanks for coming!  XOXO Ayla...

If you want affordable customized delicious cakes and cupcakes I recommend Toy Cakes ( 

For Hawaiian themed party leis you can not go wrong with Hawaiian Leis and Costume Philippines (

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