Monday, November 18, 2013

A Ninjago Birthday Party for a 5 Year Old!

I thought it was a cute idea to have a Ninjago Birthday Party.  My 5year old is a Ninjago fan, so a Ninja themed party was an obvious easy decision. 
The excitement, however, was short lived and ended right after I started scouting for party supplies and give-aways.  There were no readily available party supplies on ninja parties and had to rely on my DIY prowess (lol!).
Booking the venue was the easiest part of the party prep.
My 5 years old told me that ninjas love pizza (he pointed out the Ninja Turtles, hmmn) so we ended booking the event at Shakeys. 
I sourced Ninjago pictures from the ever dependable internet and designed this "save the date invites" and posted it in facebook to set the tone of the party.

The tarp was designed by MKA de signs printing.  Very efficient and well made. 


There were very limited ninja costumes in the market, so I ordered this through Amazon online.  He specifically requested for a green ninja, which apparently is the color of  "Ninjago Lloyd". 

This was one of the party teasers I posted in the fb event page. 

Finding a family costume was difficult, good I chanced upon this online shop - The Krafty Junkie that sells customized Ninjago shirts.  I had the shirts labeled as follows:

  • Master of Spinjitsu (green shirt, Spinjitsu is the Ninjago martial arts ) - for the celebrant
  • Big Bro San (blue shirt, "san" means mr. in Japanese) - for my eldest (kuya)
  • Sensei (red shirt, "sensei" means teacher) - for me
  • Dai-Sensei (black shirt, dai-sensei means great teacher) - for hubby

Krafty Junkie is very efficient.  The shirts were nicely printed.  I got very good feedback from our guests!



I got the Ninjago cake concept also from the internet.  I gave the design to Toy Cakes and was quite pleased with the end result. Tastes good and very reasonably priced.  Highly recommended.

Toy Cakes contact number is (0906) 2959093). 

Shakeys Ortigas Extension has ample parking and fits 70 easily.  However, I had over 90+ guests and had problems sitting them.  I can't seem to find the crew nor the manager.  I had to make several follow ups for additional chairs and personally find chairs for my guests...

Loot bags came with the party amenities.  You can opt to exclude, but find the goodies inside of good quality and decided to keep. 

I also ordered Ninjago pillows for additional give aways, but I forgot to take pictures.  Fortunately found them posted in my suppliers (Jmxstudios net) sulit page.  I used the pillows as game prizes. 

I ordered Shakey's Monster Meal and had it served buffet style. 


I ordered personalize Ninjago shirts for my son's classmates.  I got their names in advance and had it printed on the shirts.  I thought it was a nice touch to the party theme.
All his classmates were present in their Ninjago shirts. 
William the Magician was a big hit with the kids.  He took charge of the games, did fabulous magic and ventriloquism. 

After party picture taking...

One tired, but happy ninja~!