Monday, August 25, 2014


My children love theater plays, however, it is not very often we get one for very young audiences. 
I was happy to learn that Repertory Philippines has brought to life one of my beloved classical fairy tale, Pinocchio.
(Photo courtesy of Repertory Philippines website)
My boys were both awestruck to see Geppetto's puppet.  
They both loved the Blue Fairy, as she waved her magic wand to bring Pinocchio to life and later she transformed him into a real boy.
And they hated the nasty Coachman and the conniving duo, SignoreVolpone (fox) and Signore Gatto (cat). 
My five (5) year old was sad to see Geppetto laments the lost of his puppet boy.  My son was so immersed in the play and was worried when Geppetto, while looking for Pinocchio, made his way through the audience and existed the scene using the Fire Exit.
He asked, "...Why is Geppetto looking for  Pinocchio inside the Fire Exit? What is Pinocchio doing in the Fire Exit?"
(oh so many questions) 

The play was crafted with the young audiences in mind. It invited sing-along and viewers' interaction. The props, setting and casts costume were colorful to hold the target viewers' attention.
The casts were equally enthralling.  They were very good, especially the lead character Pinocchio.  I was amazed to learn after, that Pinocchio is played by a real kid, who belts out songs and acts like a pro.   
The play was a success in teaching good values such as, obedience and love for study, but not over bearing (which was good).  

Highly recommended!

For a different kind of educational entertainment, please come and see  Pinocchio at the OnStage Theater, Greenbelt 1.
Pinocchio runs from August 16 to December 14. 
Tickets are available at TicketWorld.