Thursday, August 31, 2017


We were in Tokyo Japan Spring of 2016 and saw first hand how the Japanese love their theme parks ~ more so Disneyland and Disney Sea. They would come all donned in pairs or as a group in their favorite  characters, while touring Disney Parks. They are really so cute.

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One of the more famous shirts I have seen, were  "Tsum Tsum".  Tsum Tsum was first released in Japan in 2013 as  stuffed toys.  It was based on Disney and Pixar characters.

Tsum Tsum is derived from the Japanese verb Tsumu meaning “to stock” because these stuffed toys are designed to stock on top of each other.

The stuffed toys have become a hit, and have been sold by Disney in the United States, Disneyland Paris and South Korea. Tsum Tsum mobile games and icons for online chat were also developed and have become a hit.

The stuffed characters has eventually inspired apparel, accessories, footwear and other knickknacks faithful to the charm of the Tsum Tsum stuffed toys.

Tsum Tsum long sleeved shirt with peek-a-boo shoulders is both fun and fashionable

Blush in this Tsum Tsum tee with peek-a-boo shoulder

Get a head start with Disney Tsum Tsum’s baller hat

Tsum Tsum cotton hand towels

Sporty or Sweet? Disney Tsum Tsum baller hat and beanie cuff hat
Tsum Tsum hand sanitizer with Frozen characters

 Flip over with the cuteness of these Tsum Tsum flip-flops

Kids will love the delightful Tsum Tsum merchandise – tees, hats, bonnets, flip flops, hand towels, and novelties - now available at SM Accessories Kids - The SM Store’s Character Shop Department.

Check out the Tsum Tsum charm from SM Accessories Kids - The SM Store’s Character Shop Department.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why I Love Belo Baby (With Give Aways)

I love Belo Baby for my children.

"Belo Baby is All Natural,  crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms".

• 100% certified natural ingredients
• 0% harmful ingredients

Gentle on my kids' skin and mine.

My son's skin sometimes get itchy from dryness and I am glad we've discovered Belo Baby's Lotion.


You only need a few drops, then apply.
It gives all the babying I want on a baby lotion.

Meanwhile, my nephew can't keep his hands off my Kuya's Belo Baby's Soap.  I think he really he really liked it, must be because of its mild baby powder scent.

Baby Belo's products are free  from synthetic chemicals and toxins, which means they are less likely to cause skin irritations, they are also gentler and safer compared to products with artificial ingredients.

Mommies will be excited to know that Belo Baby products are
rich with the following natural ingredients to nourish and condition our skin. 

Cocoa Butter ~ with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties;
Strengthens and moisturizes skin.

Shea Butter ~ a super food for the skin;
Heals common skin conditions like eczema and rash

Sweet Almond Oil ~ a natural emollient for softening skin;
Locks in moisture into the skin.

This wonderful product just turned 1.
And as Belo Baby celebrates its 1st Birthday,
I am giving away Belo Baby products to lucky MamaSpeaks and MamaInCharge followers
(for Philippine Residents ONLY).

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The contest will run from March 12 to March 23.
Announcement of winners will be on March 24. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Welcome the Year of the Rooster at SM and Toy Kingdom

Are you Rooster Child?

    • The Rooster child is a self-starter, self-disciplined, and not shy about expressing his opinions.  An optimistic dreamer, he hatches big plans and sets into motion a precise and meticulous plan to realize them. 
    • Rooster kids possess many fine talents, and are often focused students and fast learners with a natural industry and regimentation that will outfit them well for academic pursuits. They genuinely enjoy learning and will approach his studies with zest and alertness.
    • The Rooster loves basking in the spotlight and is gifted at self- expression. Dauntless and chivalrous, he conceives of himself as a latter day knit with noble ideals and a shining purpose.  With his boundless energy, unsinkable optimism, and healthy self-regard, he is capable of reaching for the stars.

For kids and kids at heart, SM ACCESSORIES KIDS has a collection of cute, lovable, and huggable rooster plush toys and novelty that will make playtime lots of fun. These are available at the SM Accessories Kids - department of all SM Stores.

Toy Kingdom, on the other hand, has amazing rooster toys to bring lots of good luck. There are cuddly plush roosters in playful colors and fun sizes that kids and even adults would love to hug, play and have a good night sleep with.

These Year of the Rooster inspired collectibles are available at Toy Kingdom Express outlets in the SM Stores and Toy Kingdom Stores in most SM Supermalls.

Say Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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