Saturday, May 28, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Back to School at SM Accessories

Going back to school has gone a long way since the tech takeover.  With phones, tablets, and computers as part of their school stuff, kids now need a balance of gadgets and traditional classroom must-haves in their back- to- school list.
And the good news is that going back to school is cool with SM Accessories, where one can find both techie and traditional items inspired by well-loved characters.

There are Flash Drives that take off from Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, the galactic characters of Star Wars, or Marvel’s all time super heroes. This makes sharing class notes and other files with classmates fun and easy. Hip Power Banks, on the other hand, will save kids from running out of batteries. Match this with your smartphone to make it an extension of your personal style.

Cute Mickey and Minnie Flash Drives

Marvel Credit Card Type Flash Drive

#TeamCap and #TeamIronMan

Pink Owl Power Bank

Mealtime is also a fun time with lunch boxes designed with kiddie favorites - Peppa Pig, the adventurous Pororo, and the forgetful and charming Dory.

Peppa Pig Lunch Sets

Dory Lunch Sets

 Paw Patrol Trolley

Pororo School Backpack

Go to school in style with bags from SM Accessories - backpacks, messenger bags or trolleys.

Be school ready with SM Accessories available at all The SM Stores nationwide.

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