Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blogapalooza for First Timers!

Christmas came early to all bloggers who attended the second annual BLOGAPALOOZA  at SM Aura last October 11.
The event was literally pouring freebies, gift certificates
(and eco-bag...hehehe...)...
It feels so right to be a legit blogger!
I have posted below some of my goodies and loots,
I am so happy and excited! 
There are truly generous sponsors this year...
I carried about 6-8 eco-bags full, plus a golf umbrella tucked in my arms
(Note to self:  bring hubby next time - to carry my stuffs ofcourse)! 
Here are some of my favorites, will be writing about each one soon.

L-R/T-B: Ideal Vision (the VIP card would definitely come in handy), Easy Taxi (I really am interested in knowing  more about Easy Taxi - never know when I'll need one), Bioessence (I got to keep myself pretty and sexy, I must give the Premium Pass: back massage/facial a try), Sample Room (Sample Room obviously prepared for us bloggers, pretty-pretty loot bags, so cute, I didn't want to open and ruin the packing)
L-R/T-B: Zomato (your guide to discovering new restaurants), Flawless (was really generous giving away stem cell night serum and stem cell day cream, I guess I would be testing those pretty soon), Gaming Library (I really recommend board game lovers to check this one out - I was really amaze with their unique game board products) and the delicious House of Lasagna.   
L-R/T-B: Ace Water Spa (I swear by far is the best relaxing staycation I have done in Manila), Acer (recommended for affordable and reliable computer products), Crocs (oh check out their new retro sneakers, so cute) and so much more...!
It was so much fun, I wished I can just keep on going (haiz, if not for these aching feet)!

Feeling somewhat like a celebrity (Sorry I can't help, but post of picture of me with Allison Harvard's standee - pwede na rin)!

It was true blogger treat not to be missed.  I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of this year's event.
More power to BLOGAPALOOZA and it's organizers: rockstars: Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Vince Golangco of When in Manila!!!
TIPS (from a first time Blogapalooza attendee):
(a) Bring a friend who doesn't whine (all those goodies gets heavy overtime, an extra pair of hands would come on handy).
(b) Bring business cards (business cards screams you mean business), it would save you the trouble of having to right your name a couple zillion times (okay, I was exaggerating, about 20 or so time).
(c) Wear comfortable and yet presentable clothing.  Some sponsors requires some physical activity, for additional premium prizes and still need to look good as there are lots of souvenir picture taking happening around!
(d) Seize the moment - enjoy and have fun!   




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